Jul 30

Poppies Costume

Jul 30, 2012 20:32//

I'm behind on updating the blog, so I am preparing a tutorial to compensate for the procrastination :)
I have been working on this custom order for the past month and half. A dancer who takes private classes with me brought this gorgeous chiffon with satin poppies. Unfortunately she bought only 2 yards of it! So after some calculations I decided to make a half circle skirt out of two quarter circles. You could see on the pic below how close I came after cutting the first one, it was about 5mm... The fabric was very tricky to handle, so instead of cutting along the belt line I marked it with basting stitches, then serged it along the stitches. There is another light pink chiffon skirt under the poppies and the red insert is professionally pleated (hard to see). The unhemmed skirts hung for for about 2.5 weeks to allow them to stretch on the bias.

In the meanwhile I made the bra and the accessories. Then finally came the day when I could hem the skirt.

Once hemmed I proceeded to decorate the whole costume with rhinestones. I used 3 kinds of rhinestones (way over 1000 stones) and sew on Swarovski crystals, so it turned out to be smashingly blingtastic! Yesterday Ayelet picked it up. I can't wait to get my hands on the professional photos from her performance and from the photo shoot she has scheduled! In the meanwhile it feels so weird and lonely without the costume on the dress form. So I spend a couple of hours staring at the photos of the finished costume and preparing the tutorial on 3D flowers. Stay tuned, it's coming soon!